About Us

Who we are?

Tenerife Things To Do is a local adventure tour company operating in Las Americas, Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje. We are focused on creating genuine and memorable experiences, tailored to individual preferences.

After nearly a decade working in Tenerife’s tourism industry, company founder Giovanni Dardano created Tenerife Things To Do as a way of connecting visitors with the very best this island has to offer. Offering unrivalled experiences, knowledge, and insight, consider Tenerife Things To Do your key resource for discovering the island, and living like a local while you are here. 

Tenerife things To do


Tenerife things to do


Giovanni is active, passionate and loves all things nature. He has spent the last 7-years helping visitors to Tenerife find the best places and activities. With immense knowledge of the island, Giovanni is one of the best people you can talk with to uncover hidden beaches, secret swimming and surfing spots, authentic restaurants, and places to go out in the evening. He has an undeniable love for the ocean, and enjoys fishing, surfing, diving, and swimming. On his days off, you can always find him in or near the water. Giovanni’s goal is to show people the pure essence and beauty this island has to offer and ensure that everyone brings home wonderful memories.

Tenerife things to do


Enri is an action sports enthusiast, filmmaker, photographer and tour guide. It can easily be found in the ocean with its camera always in hand. He loves taking photos and videos of action sports but especially surfing. Having worked, in recent years, also in excursions with the quad bike on Mount Teide, he is an expert and lover of everything related to nature on the island.



Martina is passionate about travel and local cultures. She loves connecting with people and strives to understand their needs to fulfill their requests. Martina is not only good at connecting with others and enjoying conversations but is also known for her warmth and welcoming nature. She is particularly skilled at listening to others. Having traveled extensively and worked on cruise ships, she knows well what people might need. If you need advice about the island or help finding the best tour for you, just reach out to her. Martina is ready to assist you with a local tip, a friendly chat, and a warm welcome on the island!



Grace, your enthusiastic guide to Tenerife's natural wonders. Fluent in German, English, and French, she's not just a linguistic expert but also a passionate scuba diving enthusiast and an expert in local excursions. Grace goes beyond language barriers, offering personalized recommendations to uncover the island's hidden treasures and providing insights into the best excursions. Her expertise ensures your Tenerife adventure is extraordinary, with the added thrill of exploring the best diving spots. Let Grace make your journey memorable and uniquely tailored to your preferences, ensuring you experience the finest excursions the island has to offer!



Rachel, an enthusiastic guide to Tenerife's mountainous wonders, was born and raised on the island. Fluent in Spanish, English, and German, she's not just a linguistic expert but also a passionate mountain and hiking enthusiast. With over 15 years of experience, Rachel has been advising and guiding people to the best excursions in Tenerife. Her deep connection to the island ensures that she can offer personalized recommendations to uncover its hidden treasures and provide insights into the best mountain walks. Rachel's expertise guarantees that your Tenerife adventure is extraordinary. Let Rachel make your journey memorable and uniquely tailored to your preferences, ensuring you experience the finest excursions that the island has to offer!


We ensure our guests experience not only adventure, but also a strong connection with nature, whilst respecting Tenerife’s unique culture and heritage. All of our tours flow organically – never feeling forced or inauthentic – and we always take our guest’s abilities and desires into consideration.

We are very proud of our local roots and take great pride in sharing our vast knowledge with both tourists and locals alike. By collaborating with trusted locals and carefully selected companies, we create a positive impact on the people and communities we support.


Tenerife Things To Do thrives on being authentic and different from your usual tour company. Offering small tour sizes (max 8-10 people), we ensure your comfort and allow you the opportunity to create real connections along your journey. Guides are always excited to share their knowledge of the area and passion for the activities on each tour.

By selecting the very best offers and companies for you, we ensure all you have to do is enjoy a stress-free and unforgettable experience.

Avoid the anxious search for the best place and let us take you there! When you entrust your holiday excursions to Tenerife Things To Do, you can count on exceptional moments and memories that will enrich your entire experience.

Thanks to our 24-hour support, you can always contact us via WhatsApp, email or with a simple phone call, if you require any additional support to enjoy your holiday. If there is an experience you have in mind and can’t find it on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us for more personalized information.